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L’université Dauphine mise sur son diplôme de finance islamique 
Le Figaro - Mars 2017
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La finance islamique serait-elle plus vertueuse ? 
RTL - Mars 2017
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Finance islamique : l'université Paris-Dauphine lance une formation Takaful 
Argus de l'assurance - Mars 2017
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Student Testimonials


Why did they choose the Executive Master ‘‘Principles and Practices of Islamic Finance’’ at Université Paris-Dauphine?



Houssem Eddine BEDOUI

Executive Master in Islamic Finance - 2010
Senior Financial Product Development Specialist
The Islamic Development Bank

I am Houssem Eddine BEDOUI, a Telecom SudParis engineer; I started my professional experience as a management and strategy consultant in Europe. My interest in Islamic finance has increased with AIDIMM association. The Executive Master “Theories and Practices of Islamic Finance” allowed me to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the industry with highly experienced, dynamic professors who know engage students. The modules were really diversified from theory (Fiqh rules) to Capital Market and financial innovation, which is advantageous for my current position as Senior Financial Product Development Specialist in The Islamic Development Bank. Moreover, the Master was highly competitive with skillful and competent students from different backgrounds, and that created an exciting and thought-provoking environment. Finally, the master allowed me to follow with a PhD program in Economics in “Ecole Normale Superieure”.



Nordine SADKI

Associate Cross Asset Structuring
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

During my last year of engineering school I decided to take in parallel the Executive Master Principles and Practice of Islamic Finance. I had two key objectives in mind: to get an in depth understanding of Islamic Finance concept thanks to the professional and highly qualified professors and to gain the skills to access the Islamic Finance market.
The Executive Master is really challenging because it allows to understand and to look to Islamic Finance from different points of view, from Fiqh rules to Capital Market innovation, not forgetting the Legal and Regulatory aspect. This program gives the whole picture of the subject but also it deals with the Islamic Finance stakes based on the reality of the current market practice and ways of improving its efficiency.
After my Master, I worked with the Delta One Trading desk at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking and the Executive Master gave me the opportunity to move into their Islamic Finance Structuring Team.
Completing this Executive Master helped me not only to have the fundamentals but also to learn experience with practical issues that then I faced in my working life on daily basis.
The Executive Master opened doors to new friendships and relationships born in a team spirit atmosphere. I would like to thank the Executive Master “Principles and Practice of Islamic Finance” to give me the chance to meet competent people and to expand my career horizons.
Since August 2013, I joined the team of the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank



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