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L’université Dauphine mise sur son diplôme de finance islamique 
Le Figaro - Mars 2017
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La finance islamique serait-elle plus vertueuse ? 
RTL - Mars 2017
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Finance islamique : l'université Paris-Dauphine lance une formation Takaful 
Argus de l'assurance - Mars 2017
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The programme is comprised of 400 hours of teachings spread over 6 modules:


Module 1- The Fundamentals of Finance

  • Financial and Banking Theory
  • Financial Engineering
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Risk Management


Module 2 - The International Context of Islamic Finance

  • History of Religions and Capitalism
  • The Geopolitics of the Arabic World
  • Islamic Finance in Domestic and External Legal Environment
  • The Philosophical, Political and Sociological Stakes of Islamic Finance
  • Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution


Module 3 - Conceptual Approaches of Financial Transactions in Islam (Fiqh)

  • Islamic Thought
  • Sources and Objectives of Financial Fiqh
  • Islamic Commercial Law Applied


Module 4 - Islamic Banking, Takaful (Insurance) and Islamic Capital Markets

  • International Capital Markets: Analysis of the Major Islamic Markets and Islamic Financial Products
  • Islamic Banking: Retail and Investment
  • Banking Management: Risks and Liquidity of the Islamic Banking Industry
  • Insurance: Products and Management


Module 5 - Islamic Financial Structuring

  • Structuring Islamic Financial Products: Case Studies
  • Islamic Financial Innovations
  • Islamic Asset Management
  • Treasury Management
  • Islamic IT Solutions
  • Legal Structuring
  • Governance, Auditing, Accounting, and Standardization (AAOIFI, IFSB)


Dissertation, Oral Exam and Projects

  • Dissertation and Research Methodology
  • Grand Oral
  • Islamic Finance Strategic Projects
  • Prospective Seminars

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